What We Need to Know About Renting a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage units offer a different kind of convenience for our DIY (do-it-yourself) needs. For instance, they are ideal to use during renovation and remodeling projects, including commercial or residential relocations. If we are planning to hire a moving company to transport our items or thinking about renting a portable storage unit, we must need to consider some factors.

Below are some of the advantages of going for moving storage containers instead of hiring a moving truck company:

  1. Portable Storage ContainerDriving can always be done by someone else. Even for experienced drivers, it’s difficult to drive large moving trucks than cars or passenger trucks due to their size and length. Since it’s not easy to turn, back-up, and park these trucks, we may become stressed along the way. What’s good about renting portable moving containers is that, it makes the scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries much easier. In addition, our belongings will arrive safe and sound to the point of destination – all thanks to the professional drivers provided by moving container companies to handle the trip.
  2. During DIY moves, loading and unloading cargoes are much safer if we go for renting a portable storage container. It’s because such container sits at ground level, which is ideal for transporting items to avoid breakage.
  3. We can load and unload items with ease. Several moving container companies allow us to rent storage units for a specific period of time so that we can have more time to load and unload all our items. This is not possible when we rent moving trucks. Extra time and the leisure of loading and unloading every item should also be considered when we compare the cost of renting moving trucks versus portable storage rentals.
  4. We already know the cost of the move if we rent a portable storage container. If we go for moving truck rentals, we need to pay for fuel, insurance and tolls (if there are any). We can also incur additional charges for the mileage spent and might need to consider towing the truck if we don’t have a driver for it.

Before renting portable storage units, here are some of the tips that we can consider:

  1. Storage ContainerIf we go for professional packers who do the packing, unpacking as well as the loading and unloading of items, look for companies that offer them in the package and request for the total quote. Most companies offer full service from packing to unloading including the storage services and renovation projects for both local and international moves.
  2. Consider the weight limit and size of the container when comparing prices and services. If we are only looking for the right price, then we are missing the advantage of getting a much better cost of having a container with much better space.
  3. Have an idea of the actual amount of space needed before calling a moving container company. Some companies offer space calculators online to help us determine if we need an additional portable storage container or not. Once we decided to get additional units, the company will deliver them but it’s essential to plan ahead so that we can stretch our budget and look for an extra space where we can store all the units.
  4. If we don’t prefer storing the containers onsite, we can ask the company if they can provide warehouse services apart from the rental and transportation package.

Parking the portable storage units

We can ask the moving company to deliver the units to our home or office at an agreed time and date. Before the scheduled delivery, look for a room or space where we can store the containers.

Take note that most units are designed to fit in driveways but if we want to park one on the side of the street, we must get a permission from the local city if it’s legal to do it.

Renting a portable storage container is just a few clicks away. By searching sites like http://www.moveablecontainer.com, moving and unloading items from one place to another is getting much easier.


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How To Have Your Own Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins 4 Less is one of the companies that are creating goods that make the intangible things tangible. Our society is comprised of different organizations with members with different ranks according to their own organization’s hierarchy. There are instances that when a member has done something good, there is no way that you can give them the words of recognition or appreciation. What you can only do is to give them something that can represent your appreciation for them. Some of the things that can represent your appreciation are medals or custom challenge coins.

custom challenge coins

For this reason, our company exists. We produce something that can turn abstract things into something physical. We feel honored whenever our coins are used to become a part of something that can be remembered and priceless. That’s why we’re going to give you the information on how you can have your own challenge coins.

There are two options that you can select on how to create your own customize coins. The first one is to create them through DIYs. There are a lot of instructional videos that can teach you on how to make one for your own. This option is recommended if you’re just planning to create one or few of them for yourself. Besides, you need special software that can turn your ideas into tangible coins.

The second option is to look for companies or establishments that offer these kinds of services. However, this option is recommended if you want to produce 50 or more customized coins. If you’re planning to take on for the second option, you have to research on how good a company is in this area, and most of all, make sure that the company is legitimate that they won’t run away with your money without giving you something in return.

Custom Coins

It is also important to explore their website. The most important web page to start to is the FAQ page. In this section, you will learn about the pricing, shipment, additional fees, and everything that can answer your question as a first time customer.

You might also want to explore the company’s website’s important pages such as their style and procedure in making custom challenge coins, and how much they consult you along the process. It is important that the company involves you in every process so that you can guarantee that the final result of your product is the really one that you’re looking for.

This is an example of the procedure a company makes challenge coins. This is based on our company’s procedure.

1. You send them your ideas

Some companies require certain file formats in sending your ideas to them. In our company, you can send your ideas in any file format. It is because our company is using PC as a platform to work on your coins.

2. You choose the shape

Every company has their own method of molding your custom challenge coins. It is important to ask if there’s an additional fee that you have to pay for this. In our company, this procedure is free because we’re using a unique way to mold your coins. All that we have to do is to start molding a coin to a circle and trim off the edges to form various shapes.

custom military coinsIt also is beneficial to look for a company that provides free services. For example, in our company, we are giving free quotes and artworks to the clients who are a bit skeptical about us. In that way, they will know if we’re the right company for them.

As you can see, every company relies on your ideas on how you would like your custom challenge coins to turn out. That’s why in creating customized coins, it is important that you are able to deliver your thoughts in instructions to your chosen company clearly, in addition to knowing how good the company is in this industry.

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At Challengecoins4less.com, we offer a range of attractive coin options that will enhance the appearance of your keepsake coins and make them unique.


Ultimate Advantages Of Using Single PCB Assembly Facility

Understanding the value of accuracy can help any business thrive. If you belong to the electronics industry and aims to improve your products, having a single PCB assembly facility is an effective solution. In fact, large international enterprises exploit their very own facility and equipment just to manufacture top quality products. However, small OEMs actually don’t have in-house assembly facilities while they barely produce one. Their problem is where to find such services to help them survive the market with quality technologies offered to customers. With PCBNet, rest assured that you will have cost efficient solutions to help you obtain printed circuit board assembly.

PCBFor those who need a reliable company to produce hi-tech printed circuit boards for their sample, this is the right site to visit. Fabricating bare boards require specialized skills just like producing the final products. And if you decide to buy populated PCBs because you don’t have your own facility, it’s easier to use considerable resources and time. Why struggle with sleepless nights when you can have a dependable partner to deal with the manufacturing process? With PCBNet, you can maximize your profits without stressing yourself.

Why Use Only One Facility for Your PCB Needs

Through a one-stop shop, everything you need in order to efficiently fabricate PCBs is easier to manage. For instance, if you need bare board manufacturers and people to assemble these boards, you can get seamless changeover from PCB fabrication to final output development. The best thing is that you take advantage of one supplier for all your business needs in a more affordable manner. Also, you can enjoy the service of overseeing and auditing your manufacturing activities without the hassles.

PCB Assembly

Less effort are needed from you since the bare boards are transported from the facility to the assembly lines. On the other hand, the procured components from the manufacturing cycle of bare boards are also taken care of.

Below are the benefits you will get once you integrate PCBNet services to your business requirements:

1. Immensely reduced time-to-market needs and lead times while having fewer logistical concerns.

2. Reduced costs for customers and more convenient delivery services.

3. Get rid of financial and time constraints with a reliable one-stop shop PCB manufacturer in the country.

When it comes to tips, techniques, technology, and processes, PCBNet is your leading choice. By soldering and fabricating PCBs with essential electronic components, rest assured that you can expect for quality outputs at reasonable rates. Note that assembling circuit boards is not the same as manufacturing them completely. Once printed circuit boards are ready, the electronic parts are soldered in order to make them work. The components need to secure in the right places so that the device will function accurately. If you work with an experienced company then you can conveniently achieve these outcomes.

The following are the essential components needed in assembling PCBs:

1. PCB
2. Electronic parts
3. Soldering materials such as solder paste, solder wire, solder pre-forms, and solder bar.
4. Soldering flux
5. Soldering equipment such as wave soldering device, soldering station, testing and inspection tools, SMT equipment, and other related components.

Other Important Things to Consider in Choosing a PCB Assembly Partner

Before you launch your products in the market, there are quality control methods to ensure functionality. Testing the assembled printed circuit boards as well as components should be done in a professional way. With skilled engineers and technicians to do the entire procedure for you, rest assures that your customers get top quality products from your company. All you need to do is work with a trustworthy PCB assembly service provider in your area.

Pcb fabrication

And if you don’t know where to start finding a reputable company to achieve results, you can check out this website for more details. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t able to produce massive PCBs within a specified period. The important thing is that you were able to provide the market with industry leading products and services they deserve. You can count on PCBNet because the company is highly experienced in terms of manufacturing printed circuit boards in a timely fashion.

Look no further. Take advantage of the benefits offered by professional PCB manufacturers in the country and grow your business to gain international customers. With a single PCB assembly facility, you can make everything work in the most efficient way possible. Let PCBNet handle your needs and rest assured that your company will expand its reach to the international market.

Pcbnet.com your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards. It is important as it serves as the heart of the electronics, making everything function.


Choosing the Right Fit: A Guide to Buying Golf Shirts

Men and women alike enjoy taking a break and swinging the occasional club. Golf has always been considered as a de-stressing leisure sport, though at current times, it also acts as a business transaction front. It is because of this that more and more players are concerning themselves with their appearance during the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks in looking and eventually purchasing the best golf shirt:

1.Know and choose the basics

This roughly translates to choosing a clean shirt that has a collar. Polo shirts are universally acknowledged as a standard top for both genders in all golf courses.

2.Make sure to have a good eye on fitting.

fitting shirtMake sure that the top fits. Oversized golf shirts get in the way of swinging. Baggy golf shirts are also frowned upon as this makes the wearer look unprofessional. A too form-fitting shirt deviates from the conservative look and does not create room for movement.

3.Length is also an important thing to look out.

Men are expected to wear their shirts tucked in as this prevents the person from looking sloppy. A good check for the length is wearing a shirt tucked and raising the arms or swinging it side to side; if the golf shirt gets undone, then it is too short. For women, it would be best to choose the polo shirts with a tail, or shirts that are moderately longer at the back. The tail end of the shirts ensures that the shirt stays tucked while playing. In addition, women are allowed to wear their golf shirts not tucked. If they opt to not tuck their clothes, they should search for a golf shirt that falls at or slightly lower over their hips.

4.Sleeves are also being noted nowadays.

A basic rule of thumb for men is that the sleeves should be three quarters to the elbow. Never wear a shirt, which has sleeves that go past to the elbow. The only sleeves allowed to go past are long-sleeved shirts that fit well. If the person is relatively trimmer, it would still be appropriate to go shorter than the recommended three quarters. Too short sleeves create an unprofessional look for the player.

For the women, it is acceptable to wear sleeveless, short-sleeved, three-quarter sleeved, or even long-sleeved tops.

5.Solid colors are always a safe choice.

colorfull shirtIt is hard to look professional when one looks like a walking rainbow. For golf players, the rule of thumb is to always match a brightly colored top with a neutral colored bottom. This also goes both way, with a bright bottom and a neutral top, though it is still better to make the top the brightly colored article of clothing.

6.Designs, colors, and patterns are not part of the dress code but are equally as important.

If one thinks that a solid colored top is too ordinary, he could opt to wear a patterned top. The common patterns for tops are the stripes. These kinds of designs would be best paired with a plain bottom. A safe rule is to have only one patterned article of clothing. Matching a patterned top with a patterned bottom only creates a look of total disorganization.

This might not be true for the women. Women generally could wear any kind of design or print or pattern for their golf shirts, regardless of how loud and bold it would be. Just as long as the woman could make the look appear classy, then it is accepted in the golf course.

7.The little things matter.

Match the belt with the shirt, not the shoes. This minimizes the contrast in the midsection.


How To Choose Badge Lanyards

Choosing badge lanyards can be difficult. There are a variety of designs and materials used for different lanyards. They also come in different prices so you might also want to consider the cost especially if you are on a budget.

Here are a few factors that you probably should consider before purchasing lanyards for your brand.

1. Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards allow you to show off your brand’s name, logo, or tagline. These lanyards are great for giveaways, fundraisers, events, and employee IDs. Ask your logo designer to create a unique design for the lanyards with print fonts and colors that would promote your company or brand.

Once the design is ready, you can simply attach it to your online order form and send it to the lanyard maker. Custom lanyards are available in 3 print styles: dye sublimation, silk screen, and woven.

2. Standard Lanyards

Standard lanyards are the convenient and cost-effective alternatives for identification cards. Lanyard makers can provide a large collection of attachments, shapes, colors, and styles. Choose a design that is close enough to your brand’s theme. Most standard lanyards cost at least $0.24 per piece and sold for at least 100 pieces per pack.

3. Breakaway Lanyards

Neck LanyardsThe breakaway lanyard features a unique safety mechanism located on its back which automatically releases when it is pulled from the wearer’s neck. This was designed to prevent the risk of choking. This design is ideal for manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, and other establishments where safety is of utmost concern.

Breakaway badge lanyards are available in both standard and custom styles. The starting price of breakaway lanyard is $0.40 per piece and it’s also sold in a pack of at least 100 pieces.

3. Earth-Friendly Lanyards

Earth-friendly lanyards are created from 100% recycled bamboo or plastic. These are the best alternatives for people who are concerned about the carbon content of other lanyard materials. These lanyards are biodegradable and bacteria resistant with soft finish. Many lanyard makers offer a variety of designs to fit the preferences of various customers.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to lanyard designs, materials, and setups. If you are still having a difficulty to choose the best style for your brand, you can consider the following factors.

1. Standard Widths

Lanyards are available in standard widths:

• 1/8” width (round) – This is the best choice for one-time use such as in trade shows and conferences.

• 1/4” width (round) – This width is the most compatible size for breakaway lanyards for safety use.

• 3/4” width (flat) – This is the most basic option for daily wear such as company or student IDs.

• 5/8” width (flat) – This size looks great on any design and is applicable to be worn daily.

2. Breakaway Vs. Non-Breakaway

A breakaway lanyard features an easy-to-release lanyard when it’s pulled from the neck to avoid choking, as mentioned above. They are great for day-to-day use. Non-breakaway badge lanyards, on the other hand, can be risky for children and those working at construction sites. It is best to consider the persons who would use the lanyards when choosing between breakaway and non-breakaway designs.

3. Common Attachments

Attachments are designed to keep your cards from falling free of the lanyard. You should choose an attachment depending on the purpose of your lanyard.

Here are 4 common attachment styles:

• Bulldog Clip

This attachment is the easiest to attach on a card and it doesn’t swivel.

• Metal Swivel Hook

The swivel feature of this hook will keep your badge or card facing forward.

• Split Ring

Split ring is often attached with another attachment such as a strap clip.

• Snap Swivel Hook

This attachment is also easy to attach on the badge. However, unlike the bulldog clip, it keeps the badge or card facing forward.

Lanyards are the most practical and convenient ways to display your brand’s name, company logo, or tagline. Now that you already have ideas about the different lanyards available in the market, it will be easier for you to choose the design and material of your very own badge lanyards.

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If you want a great giveaway item for your next trade show, custom lanyards are ideal. Wholesalelanyards.com offers an amazing range of top-quality custom lanyards in a variety of materials, printing styles and prices.


Update Your Vintage Clothes Using Iron On Patches

Vintage clothes are just hard to let go. Some things are just really worth holding on to. However, sometimes no matter how much you love to keep an item, you just find it difficult to find any use for it. In most cases too, vintage clothes have already a few damages that make them unfit to be used again.

We have noted down a few steps and tricks that can help you alter and revamp your favourite vintage clothes using iron on patches.

They should help restore the beauty of your old clothes.

1. Wash the vintage item to rid of any stain.

Be careful in washing the garment and use a mild soap. The thing about vintage clothes is that the materials could be sensitive and the color might fade if you use a strong chemical to remove the stains.

If there is a stain that is difficult to remove, just soak the clothes in water with mild soap for about half an hour to an hour. If the stain stays after that, leave it and just let it dry. Do not stress on it or use any harsh chemical to remove it as it may just further damage the garment.

2. Cut any loose thread using a piece of scissors.

Do not pull the loose thread to cut the thread as it may rip the garment or create a hole. You might have to make a few stiches in certain parts of the garment.

3. Check if you have to alter the clothes.

If you will be the one to wear them, do they fit you perfectly or do you have to make a few adjustments. It will be best to make all the necessary alterations first before you put on the iron on patches


Once you have altered the size of the clothes, it will be easier for you to add the patches in places where you want them on. Say for instance, you have placed a patch prior to the alteration; the patch might end up in an awkward position after the alteration is made.

4. After you have adjusted the size of the clothes, check for any damages, like holes or stains.

If there is a hole, make sure to cut the loose thread around the hole. Look for patch that is at least half an inch wider than the hole. You must have a handy pack of different iron on patches available that you can use.

Pin the patch to make sure that the hole is going to be in the middle part. The main reason why you are placing a patch over the hole is to hide it. Therefore, you must secure the patch in such a way that it will completely cover the hole.

The same thing should be done with stains. Find an iron on patch that will be big enough to hide the stain.

In adding iron on patches to vintage clothes, you must also consider the type of patch that you will be using. Although you can use any patch that want, make sure that the patch design will somehow complement the clothing item that you are trying to restore.

Our goal here is to make sure that at the end of this project, you will have an item that will look as something new and not something trashy. Before you sew the patches on the clothes, pin them first and evaluate them.

How do you find them? Use a patch that will serve as an enhancement to an old clothing item and not as an obvious solution to cover a hole. Use a patch that enhances the beauty and elegance of the vintage item that you are trying to restore.

As previously mentioned, you can use any patch that you want but it does not make any sense why you will be using an iron on patch that will just ruin the very beauty that you are trying to restore. Iron on patches should help bring out the forgotten beauty in old and vintage clothes.

patches We offer lots of different patch styles and backing options. Custom patches and iron-on patches developed exactly to your group’s design specifications are all we do.


Custom Lanyards

The origin of the lanyard can be traced back to 15th century France when it was called laniere.  French cavalry and naval officers wore them to connect swords, pistols or whistles to their uniform.  Traditionally it could be worn around the neck or wrist or over one’s shoulders.

Nowadays, lanyards are straps or laces worn around the neck for a variety of reasons.  It is common to see people with their ID cards, cellular phones, security badges and even keys hanging on their lanyards.  It provides easy accessibility and convenience hence its growing popularity.

Let’s look at the different uses of lanyards in various industries.

Companies issue standard custom lanyards to their employees to make it easy to identify individuals within and outside the premises.  Some companies even choose to give out color coded lanyards for each department.  Security is one of the top priorities in all companies and to promote this, security badges are issued to employees.  Wearing these badges on their lanyard makes it easier for employees to access them when needed.

Custom lanyardsEvent organizers also use custom lanyards to lessen confusion during an event or function.  When it’s easy to spot personnel among a flood of participants, organizers are more efficiently able to provide quality service.  Colors can help distinguish what a person’s function is in these events.  For example, security can wear yellow; vendors can wear red while customer service representatives can wear green.

Schools and universities have started using custom lanyards instead of regular ID pins or clips.  School faculty and students are issued lanyards to hold ID cards especially within the school grounds.  It makes it easier to identify individuals and reinforces security as well. In addition, there is a lesser chance of misplacing an ID when it is attached to a lanyard as it is easier to spot.

Custom lanyards have also become quite popular in promoting a company.  It is a cheap and effective marketing tool if customized properly.  The name and logo printed on the lanyard combined with eye catching colors can help spread awareness about the company and result in more business.

With today’s technology, custom lanyards are low cost to produce with manufacturers accessible through websites or convenient retail locations.  Customizing lanyards is easy and affordable with a lot of options available to everyone.

Whether your need is for security or marketing, it’s important that the lanyard you use help you achieve these goals.  We provide you with quality solutions by helping you create the perfect lanyard.  We give you flexibility on customizing your lanyards to ensure that what you receive is exactly what you need.

Here are some of the options available to you when designing your customized lanyards.


Although most lanyards look identical in appearance, there are a variety of fabrics that can be used.  You can choose polyester, nylon or woven.  Cord lanyards are also available to choose.  The different fabrics will certainly give your lanyards an interesting texture.


You can choose from over 30 stock color options available for your lanyard.  If you have a specific color need, say for example your company or school’s identifying color we can do a color match for you

Attachment Options

We understand that you need your lanyard for a variety of reasons.  So, we give you the freedom to choose the type of attachment to meet your needs. We have choices like bulldog clips, hooks or thumb triggers just to name a few.

Imprint Style

You can check the different imprint styles available on our website to find the perfect one for your customized lanyard.

In today’s economy, we see the need and importance of providing high quality products at affordable prices.  We base our prices on quantity to ensure that you get the best deal for your order.  We will happily provide a free quote for your customized lanyard to help you get started.


Warning: Deceitful Long Island Loan Modification Specialists

Consumer advocates report that the number of fraudulent services for loan modification is growing, not just Long Island loan modification. The fraudulent activities involve lawyers or individuals who claim they are the right authority to consult. The alarming thing about the bogus lawyers is that they look professional and knowledgeable enough to convince anyone (except real lawyers, maybe) that they are people that can be trusted.

Island Loan Modification SpecialistsHome owners should be wary about the existence of such groups and should take caution when dealing with a lawyer. An unknown law office is not the safest place to seek help from if a homeowner is facing financial difficulty. A homeowner who has a delinquent account or has the tendency to fall behind the payment schedule should practice prudence in choosing the right law office to consult regarding his or her Long Island loan modification.

There are lawyers who lend their names and other credentials, as well as their offices to groups that practice deceitful loan modifications. The number of “lawyers” or loan modification specialists who practically borrow someone else’s identity is increasing. This was confirmed by a senior counsel of Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington.

About a month (or so) ago, the said committee filed a lawsuit against a series of companies managed and/or owned by a licensed lawyer. The different companies made deceitful transactions to, more or less, seventeen homeowners. The lawyer and the companies promised the clients lower mortgage payments and loan modifications provided they pay upfront fees amounting to thousands of dollars. The committee stated that to their knowledge, no homeowner has received the promised services even though they paid the amount that the companies asked from them.

The homeowners who made the transactions with the fraudulent companies are mostly well-educated. They were just trying to save their homes. Unfortunately, they fell into the trap of these Long Island loan modification sharks. Anyone can be a victim that’s why everyone should take the necessary caution in dealing with groups or people with an unknown background or only little is known about them. It is best to deal with a company with a good reputation and has served many satisfied clients over the years.

The fraudulent companies that received lawsuit already stopped accepting new clients for the services they offer. However, there are still other companies that practice the same fraudulent act. The homeowners seeking some help with their loan modification should know that it is generally prohibited in most states to demand upfront fees for the services involving mortgage relief. Lawyers, on the other hand, may charge their clients in advance if the service they offer is a part of their general law practice. However, if the service is purely loan modification, then a homeowner should think twice when the lawyer demands for an upfront fee.

The trouble with the fraudulent companies is that they can easily change their name and line of services. They know that there are homeowners who can read their moves and tactics. They are too careful in covering their real motive. Instead of stating that their business is about loan modification, they advertise their company as a group with expertise in loan workouts and other things associated with loan assistance. You will never see the words “loan modification” in their ads in an attempt to win the trust of some homeowners.

Although things might look a bit dark, a homeowner still needs the assistance of a Long Island loan modification specialist. They only need to exercise prudence at all times, do their own research and investigation, and ask the right authorities in their localities for assistance.